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致眩的感情強度,對於 Die一切也許永遠不會降臨的普通幸福,兩個小時之後這一段擊垮所有的觀眾。


从ann arbor去chicago的火车上晒着太阳看完mommy

还记得Xavier Dolan在戛纳颁奖典礼时候的获奖感言

“I guess these are the notes from all the years in this crazy business. I just want to tell you that, despite people who are entitled to their own taste and will dislike what you do, and some who will dislike who you are, let’s hold on to our dreams because together we can change the world, and the world needs to be changed. Touching people, making them cry, making them laugh, can change their minds. And changing minds, changes lives slowly, and changing lives means changing the world. Not only politicians and scientists can change it, but artists as well. They’ve been doing it forever. There is no limits to our ambition except the one we build for ourselves and the one people will build for us.““En bref, je pense que tout est possible à qui rêve, ose, travaille et n’abandonne jamais.” 

我也相信,对那些怀抱着梦想,敢于冒险、挑战、努力,永不放弃的人来说,一切都是有可能的 www

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    致眩的感情強度,對於 Die一切也許永遠不會降臨的普通幸福,兩個小時之後這一段擊垮所有的觀眾。
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